Level 9-APL Listening/Speaking

duration: 4 weeks
price: free
Academic English

About this Course

Level 9 focuses on basic English communication skills for advanced English learners. APL Module 1 focuses on advanced English skills for advanced English learners.

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Learning modules

  • Week 1
    • HW: What Culture Is To Me

    • Classwork: What Culture Is To Me discussion

  • Week 2
    • Classwork: Iceberg Activity

    • HW: Individualist vs Collectivist Spectrum

    • Quiz I Week 2

    • Classwork

  • Week 3
    • HW: Taboos from Your Culture

    • Classwork: Discussed Taboos from Their Country

    • L9 Fairy Tales Presentation

    • APL Fairy Tales Presentation

    • HW: 3 Stereotypes

    • Classwork: Whistleblower Values Discussion

  • Week 4
    • Classwork: Discuss Culture Shock Experience

    • Classwork: Discuss NY Times article

    • Cultural Studies Week 4 Quiz

    • Presentation - Person's Contribution to Culture

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